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Sailing the Cyclades

Bronze Age to Classical Greece Our voyage began on 21 July 2008 when the crew including Trevor Davies, Serena Alexander, Sandra and Lloyd Hamel, Jo Heptinstall, Shelagh Fitzpatrick and I met for lunch at the Royal Hellenic Yacht Club, Piraeus for lunch and pre-trip briefing with skipper Peter Hopps. The [...]

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Caribbean 600

Stunning New Race "There's a brand new RORC Race" said Peter Hopps in the club bar. "600 miles round the Caribbean. Nisida's entering." "Hmmm" I thought. "Warm weather sailing... regatta day racing is fun and exciting, but this is the chance to keep on sailing for a few days through [...]

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Caribbean Rum and Racing

The welcoming first rum punch Peter made the rum punch while Hilary showed us round Nisida. While we inspected our quarters, Peter mixed the carefully measured proportions - one of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, 4 of weak. A delicious welcome to the Caribbean, the first of many [...]

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From Antigua to Hamble

Sent 19 May 2015 I left Antigua a week ago yesterday, Thurs 7 May. Having called in for fuel I left English Harbour entrance at around 2.00pm. A few tacks to clear the E side of Antigua and we were on our way heading North. The distance direct (Great Circle) [...]

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Clinton’s Transatlantic

Clinton Spiteri has recently returned from a trans-atlantic crossing aboard the GY51 sailboat, Nisida of Hamble skippered by sailing veteran Peter Hopps. The journey was a delivery of Nisida back to Europe following the close of the Caribbean sailing season that features the famous British Virgin Islands (BVI) Spring Regatta as well as Antigua [...]

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Rolex Middle Sea race 2010

This was the 7th year in succession we've done this race - so we must like it! It's hard to explain its appeal to those weaned on a diet of Fastnets; it may be the same distance at 600 miles but there pretty much any similarity ends. First, the [...]

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From Spain to Malta

Nisda set sail from Alemerimar in Spain to Malta on 3rd October 2009 with a crew of 8. For one of the crew, Claude Zammit, this 860 mile journey was to be his first big trip at sea as well the first time he had arrived at in the manner [...]

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Rolex Middle Sea race 2009

This year's Middle Sea Race - our 6th - proved as challenging as ever. Printed below are the emails sent to the LCSC discussion group with our preview and postview of what is always a fabulous race. Nisida off on the Rolex Middle Sea Race We arrived in Malta last [...]

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The Giraglia Rolex Cup 2008

Fireworks set to music in the St Tropez citadel Imagine an event which was part Cowes Week, part Fastnet - 3 days inshore racing followed by a 240 mile offshore race. Then that the Cowes Week part was set in St Tropez, with all its associated attractions, and [...]

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Middle Sea Report, 24th October 2007

MORE STEADFAST CREWS ARRIVE BACK IN MALTA Report as appeared on The official middle Sea website at: By 7AM this morning five more yachts had crossed the finish line of the 28th Rolex Middle Sea Race. British yacht Nisida led the minor charge finishing just before midnight, whilst Martin Scicluna's Air [...]

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